Friday, September 17, 2010

Pot Point Trail Maintenance

It took almost 50 minutes to get the intrepid Wednesday group from the Bi-lo at Signal Mtn. Road to the parking area at Prentice Cooper State Park where we geared up for our day of maintenance. Donald Box wouldn't let the ladies slide by with a little pair of snippers! He came prepared to hand out loppers...thanks, Donald, I guess. :-(  We divided up with 7 following John-the-Man Rowland and 8 with Mama-Che and Donald. We all walked north together and then our group broke away and continued for approximately 2.5 miles.Then the groups were using their swing blades, loppers, and snippers with a plan to meet about the middle.

In John's group, he, Gary, and Monty shared the use of the swing blade while J.D. used the saw, and Trish, Patti, and I alternated the use of loppers and snippers. Our goal was to follow Donald's request to clear a 4 x 7 foot area on the path. By the time the two groups met for lunch, I heard a few groans and sighs, but it was all good.

I suspect those of us who aren't normally on the maintenance crews will certainly appreciate them much  more!

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