Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bear Creek Gets Explored

The crisp fall morning with a blue sky overhead brought out 30 folks excited to try out this new trail that will eventually provide a link between Cloudland and the other  Lookout Mountain trails. Randy Whorton started us off the near the disc golf course. The initial trail was a gentle walk in the woods that brought us by a camp spot with a potty! (Fancy smanchy from what I've had on the trail!) Nearby we passed another relic left to rust in the woods.
We then began to descend gradually around a ridge and then more sharply into a gorge with a huge stacked rock formation along Bear Creek. Here it was necessary to bend down a bit, scooch along underneath the ceiling of rock to get to the spot where we could then rock hop across the creek.

Okay, we descended into the gorge, crossed the creek, so we knew what was coming: climbing up out of it! So, we did. Huffed, puffed, maybe cussed a bit and made it up, and then began another nice walk sloughing through a noisy carpet of colorful leaves. Eventually, we found Randy (who seemed to be everywhere at once) at a trail junction directing us to the right.
We took off again on a gentle up and down and found a spot on a bluff where we settled down for lunch. Debbie, Richard, Linda, Jennie, and the Chronicler hopped down to a lower boulder that jutted out for lunch. Others found spots on top and enjoyed the sun. We were looking across Sitton Gulch at a gorgeous view!  
Debbie is happy with her spot on the bluff.
Donald, Trish, and Pat talked as much as they ate!

Che reading before delivering chocolate!

Val peeking down to the lower rock

Leaving the bluff, we followed the ridge line and then took off through the woods again for another stroll amongst the trees. 
We went up, we went down, we again found Randy pointing us in the right direction. Closing the loop, we descended into the gorge, found the rocky overhang at Bear Creek, ascended, and walked the ridge we first came in on.

There was the fast moving Randy, pointing us in the direction of around the small lake by the disc golf course.

Suddenly the cars were there, and the 9.2 miles seemed very easy. If you're interested in viewing all the pictures taken today, go to my photobucket account: reggiej46 and view the album, Bear Creek 2011