Friday, February 26, 2010

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Area

It started out cold that morning, but Rusty and I decided to head to the Old Stone Fort in Manchaster and check out the park. I'm so glad we did! What a treasure of a park. It's small in comparison to many others nearby, but so interesting. The Ancient Indian Enclosure is roughly 1 1/4 miles around, but if you add the other trails available that surround the site, you can add a couple more miles. When we arrived, the rock museum building was in front of us and the man-made dam was down below to the right. It was so picturesque, but made even more so by the site of some young boys who were making a game out of pitching a football back and forth from the bank to a rocky ledge in the water. Of course, they made sure to miss it and jumped in to retrieve the ball. Can you say freezing? They were having good fun, though, like boys should.

We enjoyed the site of the Little Duck River on the left down below us as we began the hike. Then, we hiked to where the river converges with the Duck River and enjoyed the tumbling greenish blue waters all along the remainder of the trail. The cascades were gorgeous! A short, but wonderful hike made all the more memorable for me because my husband got to join me!

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